Death Star is close

29 Noi

Cat o planeta, ca si chestiile care se plimba prin Soare….


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  1. xamo Decembrie 10, 2011 la 3:34 pm #

    Do not make a mistake about the Underworld charts for something which represents the good coming because there are great deceptions of the underworld and all of these planted ideas that things are going to get better and better are simply not true. Things must first get more difficult before they will get better and only for some will things get better and for the others harder and more difficult than they can possibly imagine based on consequence for their actions. The harvest is a real thing so do not be fooled and yes there is a reason for some to worry and fear because being pulled down in the underworld is a horrible tormenting place and it’s a reality based on how people live their lives. I warn people out of love and so they can avoid having to be taken over and hurt badly, tormented by the underworlds because they were fooled and tricked.

    The underworld I speak of is known as the place hades and other such realms do exist in which beings of STS reside. To make this clear STS doesn’t just represent a person selfish but we are talking about people who do harm to others intentionally and they choose to do it knowing exactly what they are doing. These people can kill a person and not care, they love evil and enjoy doing harm to others and even laugh about it. They are caught up in pride, arrogance, greed, lust, mammon and the world and entities behind the kingdom of the beast empire world have them right where they want them. They can’t wait to get their hands on them and overpower them and drag them down into the depths of the underworld where there will be wailing, weeping, screaming and begging for help because their torment, pain and suffering will be so harsh, painful and misery. This is a serious subject we speak about when it comes to the harvest, do not take this like it’s nothing to worry about because it is and your very soul is at stake there. You can be dragged to the pits and tormented with suffering that will seem like an eternity for those who have to experience these hellish places. So many are foolish and do not see the evil and good in this world and have mistaken good for evil or evil for good. Others are even more foolish believing that neither exist and they need to be extra careful on how they choose to treat others or they will partake in these torments and suffering of the underworld.

    As the 7th Seal opens this new age consciousness lie deception of the 9th wave is bogus. The Underworlds begin to have more access to the earth’s dimensional plain, this means these entity’s of the Underworld are working harder than ever now and have more access to earth. The kingdom of the beast and dragon and their minions, entities beyond what you can imagine now have easier access and are affecting people more and more and will continue to do so until the harvest where they eventually show up and drag those down with them to their realms of torment and suffering. The harvest is not a good thing for those who choose evil over good it’s the opposite of happiness and misery, pain, torment is what they will experience. This is my warning and I am only doing you and everyone a favor and service in telling you about it so that you don’t have to experience it. Be wise today people and yes be afraid because this place is as scary and horrible as you can possibly imagine and I love the world and don’t want people to have to suffer beyond what pain they already suffer on earth and experience it so yes I will warn you and be direct about what these places are like.

    Never make the mistake in thinking that the underworld is a good place it is not and is a place of horrible pains, misery and torment.

    The cycles are interconnected dimensionally between the spiritual realms and the physical realms and the events occurring in physical realms are interconnected to events occurring in the spiritual realms. This means that when mankind has lived in the negative STS evil ways for long enough that seals which block certain energies of the lower dimensional planes of the underworld begin to open and leak into the dimension of earth based on humanities consequences for their STS evil actions. What this means is that as these seals break open and leak negative lower energies events start to occur in both physical and spiritual realms it allows for things which normally are unseen to occur. The underworlds gain more access and have easier access even to the point of physical manifestation, this includes magical displays as entities unknown becoming physical or able to be seen in the spectrum of earth. They are beings of deception that can appear and deceive or pretend to be anything they want to be with one agenda in mind to simply hurt and harm those on earth because they are evil and love harming and hurting. As these seals break there will corresponding destructive events occurring at the same time like great earthquakes and people dieing as spiritual events will be occurring in the spirit realms such as portals opening and other gateways of energy and travel.

    The vibration density of the subatomic structure of the physical begins to align itself with the lower dimensional energies of the spiritual, in other words like a magnetic force sucking and pulling down on people based on the energies they carry inside of them. This allows for the lower dimensional entities to have more influence over the physical realm gaining access and more power over people’s bodies, minds and they are after their soul. As this occurs what is truly happening is the aligning of the dimensional frequency so that the stations become as One. What this means is that what is playing so to speak on one station now can be felt and in some cases directly heard, seen and manifested on another. These times will get very difficult and will undoubtedly be chaotic as things not known will suddenly be known and things not felt will suddenly be felt, things unseen will suddenly and eventually manifest and be seen. The opening of the 7th seal allows for the portals to open these underworld dimensions between the magnetic barriers of the dimensional matrix, a way of crossing, the crossing allows for what is normally not able to cross into the physical dimension of earth to have access. At the same time this is happening higher dimensional energies from the heavens will be pouring out into the world for all those ready to accept it because they see and know what is occurring and love the world and people. The heavens don’t want us to suffer and be sucked down by the kingdom of the beast and draconian dragon empire to be tortured and tormented in hellish pits and horrible gruesome places beyond what you can imagine.

    It is then the duty of those aware of these things such as I to help those uninformed so I share these things with the world for your welfare because I of course feel like the heavens do about all of this and love the world also and care. I say unto you all repent, those which repent will have the woes reduced or taken from them depending on the karma they have and situations. They must be sincere in repenting and asking forgiveness but if they have done Evil acts and continue then Woe Woe Woe unto them for they must repent immediately soon as the harvest approaches or experience certain karma . There is a place void of God which is the outer darkness in which no light can remain and this place is literally as some would say hell. I cannot brush this place up for you because it’s not love and light and happiness but misery, suffering and pain and worse than anything possibly imagined on earth. There is weeping, wailing, screaming, crying out, begging for help, gnashing of teeth, complete nightmares and pain beyond what anyone is even capable of imagining. The world is conditioned and has been conditioned to be deceived by the cunning underworld kingdom of the beast empire that is coming. The Consumer is prepared and on it’s way to take all those with it who are evil just as those who exist in outer darkness are evil. They will be tormented by the outer darkness for this force itself is the opposite to God and in itself is pure Evil and so it’s realm is pure Evil with no Good It shall be like being in a torturing chamber in spirit beyond imagination.

    Come all ye seeking the Truth for the Truth is right here and I am sharing what is coming, prepare ye the way for your soul and your families souls are at stake. My efforts over the years have been to prepare people for these coming times and events but I do this from love and compassion and from being able to see events before they come. I have been given direct information and visions from the heavens on these things and know what I’m saying so please listen to your hearts and save yourselves from the many Woes about to face humanity and earth.

    The heavens will thrust the sickle into the wheat and bring it into the barn to be made into eternal bread, a parable with meaning and the goal of the heavens is to bring happiness and eternal life to mankind if they will only choose to accept it and listen. Woe unto the world for how many times have the heavens called out to you in spirit and you have rejected the true spirit of love and peace and Christ? How many times have the heavens blessed you and you still are full of evils. The world in general collectively I’m speaking about and not just you personally but those who do evil and enjoy it. Some of which are doing evil now and don’t even believe evil exists trying to put their conscience aside and guilt for their actions. Convincing themselves that they did nothing wrong because there is no wrong or evil. Woe unto you who believe there to be no evil or wrong, you shall reap your reward and it will not be heavenly but misery, torment, pain and suffering. Arise O ye spirits with hearts to hear and awaken before it’s too late and the earth shall burn in that day as an oven saith the hosts of Heaven. Be not the stubble but the spirit that can stand in the presence of the true family’s presence of the Heavens.

    I bless you to be Comforted in the true Spirit of love and peace which is the same spirit of Christ for in these words is the key to the Heavens and for those who listen and learn from it they can be saved in the name of Jesus Christ ‘Yeshua’ Jmmanuel and the heavenly Father ‘God’ and Heavenly Hosts ‘Family’ Adonai El Elyon Asher eh yeh Asher eh yeh Asher eh yeh. All prophecies shall be fulfilled which were given by the Heavens, many of which still remain in the bible even after the many added intentionally placed words to turn people away from the truth. The kingdom of the beast and empire has had access to the bible and changed it and distorted it. They want you to think of it as evil and make God out to sound like a jealous, wrathful and vengeance God of destruction which is a LIE. The Beast system and Dragon are cunning and they are the one’s who are full of jealousy, vengeance, hate, wrath and destruction, not the real ‘God’ which is only 100% ‘Good’ and nothing else who is pure love and peace. Follow only the true teachings of Christ that show the example, path and way of unconditional love, forgiveness and STO that represent the true Heavens. WAKE UP

    Spiritually prepare and pray always for guidance lest you be blinded. The beast system is cunning and easily deceives many from birth with conditioning of subliminal programming of your mind over the years of growth through mammon and the empire of evil. People are slowly being led into darkness and they are cunning in their works, they gradually change things so you can’t notice. Spirits are being dragged from the light into darkness and do you see now or do you only think you see? The biggest LIE ever given to mankind is that there is no evil or good and there is no right or wrong. Eat, drink, enjoy, have fun, live it up and do anything you want thinking there is no consequence. Steal from someone, hurt someone, rape someone, kill someone, it’s ok for all is only good, love and only heavenly with no consequence. Kingdom of the beast LIE LIE LIE and so many are falling into that trap, the consumer is coming with it’s mouth WIDE OPEN to swallow all those foolish enough to believe there to be no evil or good, no right or wrong and no consequences for their evil actions. REPENT

    May you find the wisdom necessary to wake up and make the right choices and properly discern that there is a good and evil, right and wrong and consequences for your actions.
    Blessings, love, peace to all.

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